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Artitags is born out of a dream to extend my approach to interior architecture across borders and combine it with my, our passion for travelling. We want to connect with entrepreneurs who have great talents and make homeware that contains a story. A home is a reflection of the people who live in it and what makes them happy. Next to that we think it is of great importance these days to pay more attention to ethically made products with a long lifespan and help people making a conscious choice. Through Artitags we want to offer timeless home products with meaning and authenticity. The name Artitags comes from this idea and wants to make the creators and the stories of the products known. In this way various natural layers are added to contemporary interiors.

It's been a while, but it seems like yesterday; our first field trip to South-Africa with our newborn daughter Abigail, then 2,5 months old. Loaded with energy and good excitement we got on the plane. An idea I worked on at home and for as good as prepared; we were really going to build Artitags now.

It has been such a special field trip and I still think one of the most special. First of all, we traveled for the first time as a family, which is indescribably magical. And besides that, we were really taking action to make our dream of Artitags come true. Plus, having South Africa as a backdrop in October is not bad at all. All we had planned was a contact list and a few appointments with potential partners and at the end of the trip our first professional product shoot.

I can only say that it gives so much energy to make your own dream come true. On the spot, we created partnerships, had products made, and everything in time for our photoshoot. The shoot was the icing on the cake and turned the whole idea that was in our heads into a visual reality.

We are so happy with our first collaborations and would like to thank our very first partners and a group of people who helped with so much enthusiasm and time to give our dream a start. It is truly amazing to see what can happen when people with the same passion and drive come together and accomplish. This was only the beginning and promises a lot for what will come.

let's go for it!



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