Conscious consumerism

We live in an era in which there is a demand and a need for more conscious and ethical products. The fact is that globalization has made mass production a given, and we are now only considering the category of furnishings and home décor. Nowadays, for many people, new interior items have become increasingly accessible and also more affordable. Although this is in many ways a good thing, it also has it’s known disadvantages. This worldwide mass production and the relatively low costs as a result of production in huge quantities, ensures that goods are quickly replaced again when something is broken or people are no longer interested in it. Continuous sales are the result, and lower prices also mean that we can follow and keep up with trends more quickly. We can change items regularly and replace them for new ones.

In recent years, there have been many businesses and brands in many different sectors that counteract this and focus on a responsible, transparent and perhaps slower production process. Buying handmade objects not only makes the products unique and one of a kind, the natural materials and the entire production process are less of a threat to the environment. In addition, the production methods often encourage a much slower pace of consumption and are less likely to be replaced. Objects are one of a kind, may show imperfections that make the object special and tell the story behind it. If they are really shaped by traditional techniques, these centuries-old skills, and therefore culture, are also preserved. People who buy these kinds of products already have a different perception of it and might think twice about getting rid of it or replacing it. We keep what we have for a longer period of time and perhaps use them in a different way. There is a soul and a story in them which is more difficult to find in new products.

Creating really your own home can be challenging in today's abundance of trends, images and different styles we are confronted with on a daily basis. We see a house as a place where you can pull back and relax. Where you can make your own voice unique and test new possibilities. For us it feels therefore very good to surround ourselves with products that bring out the natural and tell stories that might inspire you at the right moment. Nature benefits a person, why not bring that aspect in through the choices you make to create your interior?



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