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Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Our time in Tanzania has been one for the books. We have been abroad for three months to create a new collection for Artitags, ánd to spend lots of quality time with our two children.

Tanzania is a country where the borders remained open during this time, something that may be hard to understand from the Netherlands and other Western countries. Being in Africa it is more than a matter of 'logic' to realise why the world is not locked here. A large part of the population works outside and earns living there too. A day without work is literally a day not earned and government support is an unknowable concept in these countries. We have hesitated and informed ourselves a lot to come this way with our children, but are in the end incredibly happy that we have taken the step and so can also contribute our small part.

When you think of Tanzania, you think of pristine nature, wildlife, the beach, the Serengeti, and of course Hakuna Matata. But did you know that Tanzania is also known for its large cotton production? The cotton grows mainly on small-scale farms in the hinterlands, often located in poorer areas of the country. With the demand for textiles growing worldwide, this also provides job growth and economic growth for the country. There are numerous initiatives to ensure ethical production and fair payment of workers.

We are beyond excited to share that we are partnering together with a local group of women weavers to create a beautiful new collection. It gives us such a thrill to know that, while writing this, the collection is actually being created and we are looking so much forward to share more soon! In the meantime, enjoy the country's richness some of our travelshots below!



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