a suburb of the former capital of Tanzania is a weaving workshop where mainly women work who are skilled in the traditional craft of handloom weaving. 

The workshop is run by Grace, who offers a well-run and fair workshop to a group of 5 women where they work together to create beautiful designs.  The women there are trained in this ancient weaving technique and all that comes with the entire weaving process. Everyone has their own tasks and working collectively throughout the design process results in a sustainable job and income. They work on traditional handlooms, powered by the foot without the use of electricity. 

Tanzania is known for its large cotton production, and we are very aware of the negative impact conventional cotton farming can have.This workshop works with organic cotton that is GOTS certified.

By using natural pigments without adding chemicals the cotton is hand dyed, processed and spun in the workshop and finally woven into different designs.  They keep a beautiful weaving tradition going and work according to Fair Trade principles. 

One of our favourite things about this group, is how we are all taking a step in the right direction together and sharing those values. 

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