We have traveled a lot and share our love for culture and design.

With a background in architecture and renovating together, we decided to launch Artitags. We realize that the world is moving fast and trends are coming and going.  We believe that a home is a place where, next to all the hustle and bustle of the day, you can relax and really be yourself. The design of your home and the products that surround you show what we value most in life and who we are as human beings. If we design our homes in such a way that we can facilitate how we want to live and how we want to feel inside, then we are much more likely to remain satisfied with the changing trends.


'Artitags' comes from our belief that is important to show the people, to tag the artisans behind the products. In our rapidly changing world, it is essential that, especially in retail, more attention is paid to ethically made products.  We believe in a transparent marketplace where timeless and artisan-made objects are presented. 

By making a conscious choice for the products you collect around you, we hope to create more timelessness and a longer lifespan of the products. We select pieces that are made with love and that inspire connection to add a layer of beauty and soul to the home.

We source together (with our little family), unique objects that can contribute to everyone's story and also generate new stories.

From the artisan, from us, and from the one in whose interior it finds its place.  We not only believe in a connection with our pieces but also with the artisans who make them. Through Artitags we see it as a distinct opportunity to create unique contacts and partnerships with entrepreneurs from all over the world. Each artisan has his or her own unique story and soul translated into the products and we feel it as a privilege to support their small businesses.

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